StreetSpeak® Speaking for Success Workshops

In addition to our broad array of professional services, we also provide very popular, issue driven, role play-based training workshops for financial service marketing and investment professionals. These services are provided through our sister company, StreetSpeak, Inc, and include:

  • Media training
  • Executive Presentation Training
    Available in the following three modules customized to your experience level:
    • Introductory
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Sales Presentation Training and Finals Coaching
  • Telemarketing Training

Media Training Programs
Executives who go through our one-day Speaking for Success media interview workshop learn how to marshal their thoughts in a news interview, stay on track and make their points persuasively and succinctly—whether the interview is in-person, on-the-air, or over the phone. They also learn—through active participation in role play-based, simulated news interviews—how to prepare, practice and think in sound-bites.

And because impressions can be every bit as important as the substance of what one says, we also focus on appearance and body language and what posture, facial expressions and gestures convey to an interviewer or his/her listeners, viewers or readers—sometimes unintentionally. So, workshop participants not only learn how body language can compete with one's message, but how it can be used to reinforce an interviewee's main points and make them more memorable.

Workshop Content
Our workshops typically run from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., include a working lunch, and usually cover:

  • At least three on-camera simulated news interviews with each participant, including on-the-spot critiques of individual performances
  • The whys, wherefores and hows of dealing with reporters
  • Developing power or message points for interviews
  • How to anticipate and shape the self-defining moment in an interview on your terms and not the reporter's
  • Handling difficult questions: bridging, diffusion, deflection
  • Developing and advancing your interview agenda; interjecting your own questions without being intrusive
  • How the technological nuances of radio, television, print and Internet interviews shape the news and the message